My name is Michael Blackston and I’m a professional artist with an array of interests in many styles of the arts.

My report cards always said, “Draws too much in class”, or “Talks too much in class”. I once got in trouble for writing what was going to be my first novel while I was supposed to be doing math. I was in fifth grade and still remember the title of the book … The Eyes Of Janet Malone. Needless to say, it’s no wonder my teachers are not surprised to find out I etch portraits and landscapes on gravestones for a living, have hosted several podcasts, and have actually finished a novel and three plays.

If told I must choose only one creative outlet and give up the rest, my response without a thought would be Theatrical Arts. My heart beats the hardest when I’m on a stage singing or acting. Fortunately, I’m not forced to make that decision and I am able to embrace it all.

I’m just passionate about the arts. I wish I could say I was the absolute best there is as any one of them, but having so many interests creates the old, “Jack Of All Trades – Master Of None” problem. The positive thing is that I’ve spent years trying to master them and have garnered quite a bit of knowledge and experience that I want to share.

If you are interested in any aspect of the arts – whether it be Visual, Performance, Photography, Public Speaking, or anything in between – and you want to be a part of a passionate community, help me by starting here and subscribing to the content in this site. After all, we artists need to stick together and support each other because of course, …

Art. Is. Everything.